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Use This Sacred Herb for Skin Health

Flowery yet bitter

Calendula, or pot marigold, is an Aster that differs from the garden marigold you may know. Calendula means “little calendar” in Latin, referring to its long blooming season. Catholics ceremonially include “Mary’s Gold,” and Indians of all faiths adorn their holy statues with this sacred plant.

Pot marigold originates from Western Europe, the Mediterranean, and Southwestern Asia. Pot and garden marigolds cannot be used interchangeably in folk medicine, but practitioners use the former for rashes, wounds, and burns. Check with your doctor before consuming herbal remedies, especially when on medication or living with a chronic condition.

Nomenclature: Calendula officinalis Tastes: earthy, flowery, bitter, peppery, spicy Uses: tea, eggs, salsa, paneer, salad, folk medicine

Moisturize skin with this homemade recipe. Ingredients: Calendula, beeswax, shea, essential oils, double boiler, storage.

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