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About Our
Community Garden

It all started with an okra...

In 2010 the Shultz family was growing flowers, vegetables and herbs in pots on the patio of their Murfreesboro townhouse. The Shultz's 4 year old daughter picked out and grew an okra plant in a big pot. One okra at a time was harvested, roasted and delighted in - breaking the belief that children won't eat vegetables.

The Shultzes were hooked. Soon, the patio was too small and pots didn't cut it. They needed a garden plot. A search for community gardens in the area came up empty, so they published a Facebook page and started connecting with interested people in the hopes of starting one. 

In June 2014 they were introduced to a plot of land generously offered by a local church and the State Street garden was born. In 2015,  Murfreesboro Community Gardening developed a board and became a 501c3. Since then we've gathered some core volunteers, purchased a shed, worked with almost 1,000 volunteers, and harvested hundreds of pounds of fresh local produce. 


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