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Vervain: Steep to Soothe and Calm

Updated: Jul 5

A bitter, floral tea

The genus Verbena, or Vervain, consists of 150 semi-woody herb species native to Asia and the Americas. However, the common verbena, Officinalis, derives from Europe. Use the variety lemon verbena for a light, citrusy taste with similar medicinal properties.

Vervain comes from the Celtic word meaning to “drive away.” The Celts believed it to expel evil spirits, and the Egyptians held it sacred as the tears of Osiris. Aztec peoples used it as a diuretic, while some Native American tribes used it to treat headaches and insomnia. Consult your doctor if pregnant before consuming.

Nomenclature: Verbena officinalis Tastes: grassy, bitter, sweet, floral Uses: Teas, folk medicine

Recipe: Verbena Tea

Dried verbena steeped in boiling water for five minutes. Bitter, versatile flavor pairs well with berry, citrus, chamomile, and mint flavors.


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