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Plant the Seeds of Good Change pt. 4

Meet: Mike B, Builds & Webmaster

Core Volunteer Series

Check out our feature core volunteer this week - Mike! He and his partner, Amy, have been with us since 2018, and we are so pleased to have them. Mike brings his skill set to the team, and we love the whole fam.

Mike creates with his hands - whether that be our garden gate, the herb spiral, or our website. He set us up for success with our landing site, and that made a special home for our blog. They also lead Saturdays in rotation. So thank you.

He may say he's not much of a gardener, but we just wouldn't be the same without him and the clan. There's more to a garden than plants, and sometimes that means a man with a plan. If you ask Mike to make something, he makes it happen.

It takes a team to grow a garden, and that includes both people who grow and those who build. Don't worry, we'll keep him busy with more projects. Read more in our interview below:

Q: What brought you to the garden?

A: "I became a community gardener because I enjoy that it’s an activity that promotes learning, time with family, positive impact on the community and most importantly, it’s just fun."

Q: When and how did you find the garden?

A: "March 2018. My wife Amy was looking for places that would allow kids to volunteer in the community, and came across the garden on Facebook."

Q: What do you love about community gardening?

A: "I love seeing everything take shape, and transform as people work together. That, and working with my hands. I’m behind a desk all week at work, so I really value the physical aspects of

working in the garden."

Q: Any gardening interests or skills?

A: "I don’t know a lot, but I’m learning a ton from the other volunteers."

Q: Anything else?

A: "It’s a great place to meet people. The volunteers are often very generous and fun people who are there to give back to the community, and contribute to something positive."

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