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Plant the Seeds of Good Change pt. 8

Meet: Lee G, First Aid & Kids

Core Volunteer Series

Three cheers for Lee G as our Core Volunteer Series reaches week 8! We started the State Street Garden 8 years ago in 2014 to be precise, and Lee joined us last March. Let's introduce another shining star in our community garden constellation.

Lee loves working with kids and maintains first aid licensure. Already they've led three Saturdays this year, which is on par with some of our more seasoned members. What a stellar performance!

It's hard to match Lee's zest for life, and they bring garden friends, too. Visual art thrills them. We found a Greco-Roman-inspired pillar trashed and plan to upcycle it, and maybe some painting projects and more. Our crew grows stronger with members like Lee. They recently rescued a sick kitty in the garden, which warms the heart. I love their enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation. Carry on for our interview.

Q: How did you discover @Mborogarden?

A: "Facebook, after looking up “community gardens in Murfreesboro”

Q: What motivates you to community garden?

A: "i wanted to get over my fear of bees and learn how to keep plants alive :)"

Q: Do you have particular things you love about gardening?

A: "i love finding creepy crawlies, spending time in nature, and meeting new people"

Q: Are there interests or skills that color your perspective?

A: "i love community outreach, fighting food insecurity, and getting to teach kids about the garden"

Q: What kept you coming back?

A: "the thing that kept me coming to the community garden was how warm and welcoming everyone was even when i was a complete beginner"

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