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Plant the Seeds of Good Change pt. 9

Meet: Hayden H, Loves Mushrooms and Sustainability

Core Volunteer Series

Did you think we finished already? We now celebrate Hayden for our ninth installment; she loves mushrooms and sustainability. She began this season and loves joining us in the garden.

Hayden accompanies Lee on their work days; we are so glad she does. Like other core volunteers, she finds mycology fascinating. Good thing we have a wine cap bed and rotting logs to help quench the thirst for her passions.

She came to the right place to learn about sustainability. We offer insights on composting, mulching, crop rotation, and more. If Hayden wants to help #SaveSoil, we're down for the cause. Look below for our interview.

Q: What brought you to us?

A: "My roommate has been volunteering with y'all for about a year now."

Q: Why did you become a community gardener?

A: "Being kind to the earth makes me feel closer to my paganism, and this seemed like a great way to make sure I carved out time for it."

Q: Favorite aspects of gardening?

A: "I love finding bugs, diggin in the dirt, and watching the plants grow from seed to fruition."

Q: Special interests?

A: "I'm interested in sustainability and mushrooms!"

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: "Glad to be part of the team!! Looking forward to working with y'all. :)"

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