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Attract Your Wish With This Magic Herb

The tale of Apollo, Daphne, and the laurel tree


Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Welcome to Wizzard Wednesday as part of The Daily Cuppa’s Witching Hour series! Allow me to guide you, and we shall recount a harrowing story. Today let’s talk about Greek myth.

Apollo loved Daphne, though she dedicated herself to Artemis’s chastity. She was a woodland huntress, and Apollo looked fondly upon her. He lusted after her free spirit and wild woodland life.

One day Apollo chased Daphne through the woods. Desperate, she called upon her father, river god Peneus, to save her. Instead, he transformed her into the bay laurel tree.

Thus, laurel came to be associated with granting wishes. Take a leaf, write your intention on it, and burn it. Whether love, fairness, or fame, it is said to attract your wish.

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