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Star Falls and Starts a Legend

An Abrahamic myth of the onion family

Image via Wikimedia

Legend tells of the fall of Lucifer Morningstar from Heaven — cast down to Earth after Archangel Michael enacts God’s judgment against the once premier demi-being. In Muslim and Christian traditions, folk tales associate the onion’s origins with the devil’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Let’s explore further.

Archangel Uriel guards the garden with a fiery sword, and he was likely the one to chase out Morningstar. The myth goes that as Lucifer ran, garlic sprang from his left footprints and onion from his right. What an intriguing story!

However, the Egyptians believed onions to impart courage and strength. In eastern Europe, some cultures consider garlic, specifically, to guard against evil spirits. Have you ever heard of garlic warding off vampires? Regardless of myth, I love cooking with these savory veggies.

Image by H. Zell via Wikimedia

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