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A Weed or a Super Green?

Bitter and earthy

Dandelions, also known as blowballs, originate from Eurasia and belong to the Aster/Daisy family. They provide an early source of nectar for pollinators in the spring, and they reproduce asexually. Many people like to make a wish and blow the mature seeds off its flower head.

You can eat any part of the dandelion. Some add its baby greens to a salad, or you can brew it dried in a tea. Homeopathists use it to treat things like inflammation, eczema, bruises, and constipation. In the US, you most likely have the standard yellow dandelion growing outside.

Nomenclature: Taraxacum officinale Tastes: bitter, earthy, tangy Uses: tea, salad, stir fry, folk medicine

Ingredients: dandelion, salt, oil, garlic, onion, chili pepper, black pepper, parmesan. See link.

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