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Plant the Seeds of Good Change pt. 5

Meet: Amy B, Garden Leader

Core Volunteer Series

We are almost halfway through our core volunteers feature, and this week we feature Amy! As mentioned last week, she and Mike sometimes bring their whole family to the garden.

She leads with Mike every month, and they are valued members of our community gardening crew. While motherhood and matrimony are most precious, of course there is more to Amy, as well.

Come to find out, she's a fellow creative in a visual way. Take a look at some of the photos on her Pixieset here. She has an Elfez photo series, steampunk, and more! Continue reading for our interview.

Q: How did you find us back in 2018?

A: "I was looking online for volunteer opportunities for my middle school child. I liked that the garden wasn’t age restricted and didn’t require preregistration."

Q: What do you love about playing in the soil?

A: "I love the feeling that you get after working in the garden. I don’t know if it’s the sun, the exercise, or the company, but I always love a morning at the garden. It’s probably all that and more."

Q: Why community gardening rather than a private garden?

A: "I love to garden, but honestly, I’m not great at keeping with it for an entire season. With community gardening, you can take breaks if you need to, and like we always say, many hands make light work."

Q: Any garden knowledge or special skills?

A: "I know enough about gardening to know, there is a lot I don’t know."

Q: Anything else to say?

A: "The garden is for all ages! And it’s fun! The journey is just as enjoyable as any plants we might grow."

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