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Go Green with a Scrumptious Purslane Salad

A crunchy succulent

Also called duckweed, purslane makes an excellent salad substitute for lettuce or spinach. Purslane comes from Asia, and it packs a lot of nutrition. Duckweed contains Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A-C, iron, calcium, and potassium levels. It thrives in poor soils and full sun.

Find purslane likely growing right outside. Propagate with cuttings or seeds, and it requires minimal care. Purslane evolved to switch between CAM and C4 photosynthesis pathways in times of drought — a rare adaptation. Some compare its taste to lighter, crunchier watercress.

Nomenclature: Portulaca oleracea Tastes: Hints of sour, salty, bitter, and sweet Uses: salads, pickling, folk medicine

Ingredients: Onion, lemon, vinegar, purslane, olive oil, yogurt, salt, pepper, feta, cucumber, melon, and radishes. See link.

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