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Add Tang to Your Dish with Chives

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

a savory, sharp garnish

Also known as “rush leeks,” chives are native to both the Old and New World — the only one of the alliums. Bulbous blossoms make them a great choice to attract pollinators. Both leaves and flowers are edible.

Find this perennial flowering April/May in its southern habitable zone or June more northward. Like their onion cousins, chives get their characteristic scent and pest-repellant qualities from sulfur concentrations.

Scientific name: Allium schoenoprasum Tastes: mild, acidic, savory, sharp, tangy Uses: garnish, seasoning, or sauce for omelets, fish, potatoes, soup, salads, and more!

Recipe: Chive-topped Baked Potatoes

  1. Cook medium-sized potato until soft.

  2. Try poking holes in the potato, cover in a wet paper towel, and microwave 5 minutes. Hot!

  3. Slice longways across top.

  4. Mix in chives and toppings.


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