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Discover and Improve Sand Soil

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Photo by govindamadhava108

Sand feels gritty and drains well, but it lacks the nutrition plants need. Sand warms fast, but nutrients tend to wash away. Sand by itself tends to be more pH neutral because it’s non-reactive.

It appears more yellow depending on the kind of sand. Add organic compost and mulch to build soil structure, pH, and nutrients. You tend to see sandier soils in coastal areas and deserts.

Pros: Sandy soil drains and dries fast. It warms fastest of the six soil types.

Cons: Needs amendment for nutrition and water retention.

Vegetables: Lettuce, strawberry, nightshade, corn, gourds, carrots, and parsnips.

Ornamental: Tulips, Hibiscus, Sun roses, and Tree mallow.

From Discover and Improve Your Soil Type

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