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Discover and Improve Peat Soil

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Photo by Nik Merkulov

Peat feels spongey, damp, and looks dark brown. Peat retains water well but lacks the nutrition of compost. Very acidic soil, you can raise pH with compost or lime. Peat soil warms quickly but slower than sand.

Find peat in bog areas like the Carolinas or the British Isles. Yet, peat moss’ harvest is unsustainable given its slow-growing nature. Also, peat acts as a carbon sink when undisturbed. Thus, I urge you to consider alternatives like coco coir or some old-fashioned compost.

Pros: Heats up quickly and retains water well. Cons: Unsustainable. Drains poorly. Acidic.

Vegetables: Brassica, Legume, root and salad crops. Ornamental: Venus Flytrap, Sundew, Heather, Lantern Trees, Witch-hazel, Camellia, & Rhododendron

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