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Sow Joy with Seed Bombs

Updated: May 29, 2022

Grow Gardens not Conflict

Resist and fill urban spaces with the art of seed bombs. Guerrilla gardeners employ this tactic to beautify run-down lots and city nooks. Select native varieties — edible, ornamental, and pollinator-feeding species.

How do they work? Create a mixture that forms into a ball, encasing your seeds. They lay dormant until a good rain comes. The shower melts the clay and germinates your seedling, protected and nourished by compost in the ball.

Press seed bomb partially into the ground. Some wildflowers need several months of wet, cool weather before they sprout. So plan ahead on timing. Obtain landowner permission, as dropping seed bombs could be interpreted as vandalism.

Recipe: Seed Bombs

Ingredients: Wildflower or garden seeds, peat-free compost, powdered clay, water, mixing bowl.


1) Mix 1 cup of seeds, 5 cups of compost, and 2-3 cups of clay powder or soil.

2) Add just enough water for it to hold together.

3) Roll into balls.

4) Dry in the sun.

5) Place them anywhere you need food, flowers, or pollinators.

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