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Plan a Garden of Your Dreams

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Step four is to plan your garden! Take the time to make this garden fit your needs and be your own. Be as whimsical or practical as you wish.

Weigh the pros and cons of having an entirely communal space or designating individual boxes with perhaps a shared herb garden. Though a plan of action remains essential, remember plans can change as we experience and learn.

Do you want shade trees, a place to rest, or irrigation? Will you make a path? These are but a few examples of questions to consider when deciding upon layout.

Of course, you could design a layout on graph paper to scale with a pencil. If you prefer something a bit more tech-savvy, numerous web and phone applications exist to enable all your gardening dreams!

Check out this list compiled by “The Spruce” featuring free garden planner apps.

“Country Living” also compiled a list of garden planning apps, though some may cost a fee.

“” has its garden design app with a free trial.

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