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K-2 Activities

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Learning resources and activities for grades K-2

  • Build Your Own Salad Craft Choose, color and cut out salad ingredients. Arrange and glue on the plate for a healthy meal!

  • Agriculture Walk Go on a walk in your neighborhood. See if you can spot the 5 things needed for agriculture. Check them off as you find them.

Soil - Plants need rich dark brown soil to grow in. They need soil for nutrients and

Sunshine - Vegetable plants need 6-8 hours of sunshine to produce food, so look for

a big open sunshiny spot.

Water - Plants need water, either plenty of rain, or regular watering from a hose or watering can.

Pollinators - Vegetable flowers need to be pollinated to produce vegetables. Pollinators can be bees, butterflies, beetles, moths, birds or even the wind.

People - People tend farms and gardens. They weed and water and harvest!

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